BBC Lens

UX/UI • Interaction Design • Motion Graphics
A whole new vision to exploring the world, through AR technologies and BBC's extensive catalog.

Scope: UI/UX, Interaction Design, Motion Graphics
Brief: School project
Awards: 1 x Gold for Crowbar Awards 2020


BBC Lens is an experimental app that sets out to change how explore the world. Discover new city guides, landmarks, audio guides, or even learn a new language.

Combined with AR technologies, BBC lens provides you with the most relevant information right on your screen.

Introducing Immersions, allowing you to explore cities and locations directly through your screen. Lose oneself in unique experiences curated by BBC, with enhanced data from your social profiles.
A explainer video was made from scratch to showcase the features and experience of BBC Lens in real life.
Combining modern technologies like AR and VR experiences, along with the extensive library from BBC’s catalog, the possibilities of the app is truly limitless.
Made for discovery, the Immersion and Explore provides users with endless unique experiences
Initial conceptualisation of the interface and experience
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