Art Direction • Branding • Motion Graphics • UI/UX
Generative Art + Machine learning = New Art

Scope: Art direction, Branding, Typography, Motion Graphics
Brief: School project
Awards: 4 x Bronze for Crowbar Awards 2020


Stanza was an experimental project for my final year at Lasalle. The idea was to imagine a system that could generate typographic-based album artwork based on specific emotion-related keywords. The project was originally under a brief from the D&AD New Blood, aimed to design a music vinyl cover with typography. I decided to take the project further. Instead of coming up with just one cover, Stanza envisions generating unique music vinyl with endless possibilities.

Powered by search data and machine learning, Stanza generates an unique artwork every time a user performs a search
An explainer video made from scratch to give a glimpse into how Stanza works
Visual research and exploration of a suitable identity for the elusive concept
A detailed deck outlining the generation process and the relevant technologies required was created.
The futuristic brand of Stanza was applied throughout the mock- ups of the interface.
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