Penguin Beyond

UX/UI • Branding • Interaction Design • Motion Graphics
Welcome to the bookclub of the future

Scope: UI/UX, Interaction Design, Motion Graphics
Brief: D&AD NewBlood Brief


At the heart of Penguin Beyond is Book clubs, where people can better comprehend, connect and discover great books and authors. Penguin Beyond is a new social approach on reading. Anyone can start a book club, participate in any live bookclubs sessions, as well as finding your next favourite read.

With the younger generation in mind, the interface of Penguin Beyond is extremely vibrant. Populated by recommended books based on your reading history, and live book clubs session from every part of the world, it has never been easier and more fun to connect with fellow readers.
Introducing Penguin Beyond, the book club of the future.
Hi-Fidelity sketches of the interfaces with the key features
Landing page designed for the experience
New Penguin books prompt users to extend their reading further through the app
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